Hot Air Balloon Rides in NJ

How a Hot air balloon works
Hot air balloons work on a very scientific principle, warm air rises in cooler air. Essentially, hot air is lighter than cool air.  

Going where the wind brings you.
A hot air balloon can be as fast or as slow as the wind.   Since it is not equipped with any means of propulsion, its speed is entirely determined by wind speed.  It goes where the wind goes.   However, winds blow in directions and speeds that vary according to altitude. By changing altitude, a pilot can somewhat maneuver a balloon.

Flight conditions
A hot air balloon mainly flies in the morning and evenings. Usually, during those times the winds and temperatures are more stable.  The best time to fly is just after sunrise and about two hours
before sunset.

Pilot and Crew
Balloon pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, in the same manner as airplane pilots.  They must take instruction, pass written tests and be re-examined periodically.

A hot air balloon flight requires the coordination of a crew.  The team helps with setting up and inflation the balloon.  Once the balloon has taken off, crew members maintain visual and/or radio contact with the pilot, following the balloon to the landing site.

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